VT Rock Fest

Each year Rokovo offers at least one event for rock music lovers. VT Rock Fest, organized by the Youth Council of the City of Virovitica, the Youth Club of Virovitica and the Tourist Board of Virovitica, is an opportunity to introduce musicians who contribute to the development and preservation of the local scene. Many music lovers can enjoy a variety of rock styles, from the famous ballads of the 60s and 70s to more recent music genres. 


Virovitica Street Festival VUF

During Rokovo the city center becomes stage for the magic of movements, dance, laughter and fire-juggle skills, performed by people who live for the fun of festivals. Jugglers, strollers, circus performers, clowns, drummers, aerial acrobats and other members of this entertainment troupe each year gather in Virovitica and reveal their skills for the visitors of Rokovo.



As a part of the manifestation, the Creative Association “Unikat” (which means “Unique” in Croatian), in cooperation with the Tourist Board of Virovitica and the City of Virovitica, organizes a creative fair of their works and a jewelry show called VIROkreativa. With a multitude of exhibitors present, the fair is packed with many accompanying events (free workshops, creative competitions…), and the highlight of the event is the evening fashion jewelry show. 


Open Bridge

For over 40 years, the “Nikola Trick” Art Club has been tending for the art of Virovitica through its activities. Every year for Rokovo members of the Club treat their fellow citizens and their guests with the Open Bridge – the traditional annual sales exhibition of their art, souvenirs, paintings and handicrafts.


Exhibition “Virovitica loves trains”

During Rokovo the exhibition called “Virovitica loves trains” can be visited each day at the Railway Station in Virovitica. This is an unique exhibition in this part of Europe, where around 3,500 different models of trains, trams, cars, buses, helicopters, tanks, have found their place in the exhibition layout. In short – a breathtaking show for children and adults – located in an area of 300 square meters.


Exhibition of small animals

Small Animal Breeders Society of Virovitica, “Golub” (which means “The Pigeon” in Croatian), organizes an exhibition of small animals every year. Visitors can see a large number of different birds and pigeons, rabbits, poultry…, and the youngest visitors are usually those who are most looking forward to this exhibition.


Evening music program

Every year, along with a series of daily events, a rich evening music program has been organised for the residents of Virovitica and their guests. Those days many of biggest Croatian music pop, country and rock stars perform on the main square so that anyone can find something to their liking. Evening music program strives to satisfy the wishes of the citizens and bring them the biggest and most attractive performers, who we usually watch and listen only on television and radio.

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