Rokovo in Virovitica

In the past, Virovitica was known as a trade center in the local area. Rokovo also fits into that story, even though this manifestation has outgrown its local status. More than 100,000 visitors gather in Virovitica, the regional center of this part of Croatia. Rokovo is a religious, socio-political, cultural, entertainment, catering-gastronomic and sporting event that was publicly celebrated in Virovitica for the first time in 1993. Since then, there has been a harmonious relationship of the people of Virovitica and their guests with the city that celebrates its 785th birthday this year.

In terms of the tourist offer, Rokovo has turned into a recognizable brand, an event that has no equal from Varaždin to Osijek. Rokovo’s program includes: theater performances, exhibitions, concerts, fashion shows, folklore shows, numerous sports competitions (some with an international character) and much more. It is an interesting fact that people of Virovitica plan their summer vacations “according to Rokovo”, because everyone wants to be HERE, in their own town, so they can properly celebrate its birthday.

Those days, our fellow citizens who live and work in other places, both in Croatia and elsewhere in Europe or the world, are happy to come back to Virovitica. These are the days when the people of Virovitica and their guests live as one big family, in a city where, among other things, Zagreb received its status of a royal city.