Program for children

Exhibition “Virovitica Loves Trains”

During Rokovo, the exhibition called “Virovitica Loves Trains” can be visited each day at the Railway Station in Virovitica. This is an unique exhibition in this part of Europe, where around 3,500 different models of trains, trams, cars, buses, helicopters, tanks, have found their place in the exhibition layout. In short – a breathtaking show for children and adults – located in an area of 300 square meters.

Exhibition of small animals

Small Animal Breeders Society of Virovitica, “Golub” (which means “The Pigeon” in Croatian), organizes an exhibition of small animals every year. Visitors can see a large number of different birds and pigeons, rabbits, poultry…, and the youngest visitors are usually those who are most looking forward to this exhibition.

Creative workshops for children

Children have a special place in Rokovo program. Creative workshops for them are organized by the City Library and Reading Room, Creative Association Unikat and Society “Our Children”.

Amusement Park

During Rokovo, the amusement park is also in our city… With toy cars, Twister, Ballerina, Ranger and numerous air slides and trampolines, fun for children is guaranteed!